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Photography For The Web

Many of us know the importance of written content for your website and how it can be optimized for better ranking on search engines. However, did you know that your visual content, such as photos, is just as important to your content development and SEO?

Cosmic Digital Design has a full service custom photography studio and can shoot tailored images for your business website. We can come to your location or shoot in house. It’s up to you.

Many websites today have the capability to present high resolution imagery on your home page. The days are gone where you have to strain to look at blurry photos on the web. Adding custom photography that showcases your business in high resolution makes a statement to your visitors.

Photos Personalized For Your Business

Your visitors will get a personalized sense of your company and who they will actually be working with. This keeps people engaged and from a content perspective, Google likes engagement. The more time people spend on your site, that is a signal to search engines that the content is good. As a result, you get pushed higher in the rankings.

Professional Photos Help Build Trust Online

Customer photography for your website also tells site visitors that you pay attention to the details. While there is nothing wrong with stock photography, a professional photography treatment featuring you, your employees and you business goes above and beyond to show customers you are transparent and care about what’s behind the scenes. It is one way to build trust online, which can translate to clicks and paying customers.

Photographs For Online Stores

In our opinion, online stores will benefit from incorporating professional photos showcasing their products. With our in house studio, we can properly control the lighting so your products look consistently stunning. When all product images on your website use consistent backgrounds, lighting and proportions, it not only gives your online store a professional appearance, but the consistency builds trust for your viewers. When your business relies on taking payments online, the more trust and consistency you can build into your presentation, the better.

If you want to learn more about our photography services to help enhance your website design, contact us below and let’s improve your marketing today.

Video Content For The Web

With over 20 years working in digital media, Cosmic Digital Design is your source for incorporating high quality video into your business website. Where custom photography tailored for your business leaves off, a professional video for your website takes over and gives your customer engagement that added push.

According to research by the Aberdeen Group…

  • Video marketing generates 66% more qualified leads per year
  • Businesses featuring video get a 54% increase in brand awareness.

Types of Website Video Offered By Cosmic Digital Design

  • Homepage Videos
  • Vlogs (Video Blogs)
  • Presentation Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Live Streaming
  • Advertising Campaigns for Web and TV
  • Product Demonstrations

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There’s no need to wonder about the effects professional video can have on your business. It’s definitely worth it. If you are interested in integrating a stunning video project for your website design, call us today at (727) 642-5587 to schedule a complementary consultation.

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